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New theme. 08.30.14

New playlist. 09.01.14

No BOTM for September
Updates on October will follow.

Catching feelings


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Please feel free to send me music recommendations! I'm always looking for new things to listen to!



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What are networks that so many people seem to have on Tumblr?

They’re like groups? 

I usually find them through a post where you can reblog to join and sometimes they require an application, but for the most part they are groups for blogs with similar interests OuO

They can be really fun and you meet new people who like the same things O3O

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It's working now xD (the BOTM)

Aaaah!!!~ *hugs forever*

I’m glad!!!~ Thanks for your feedback angel! O3O

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anyway, whatever i guess.
—me, probably, about some complex personal emotional problem  (via geeses)

ALRIGHTY- I believe I fixed the error in the BOTM coding. Please let me know if you’re still having trouble viewing the page OuO

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where did you get the art work of kaneki from your BOTM page? thank you!

Sorry that took me so long! I had to do some digging to find where I had gotten them! I saved them a while back O_O

So the banner… I just scoured ever resource I have and honestly bby I can’t remember OnO I saved it on August 31st to my computer cause it was pretty, but I can’t remember where from. And it’s from Tumblr, but I can’t find the post with the source anywhere in my likes from that time period, and since it originally was color, I also didn’t reblog it. *dies*

The second and third are from here,

And the last is from the anime ending credits

I hope this helps you sweetest…

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I'm the first anon and it's not the blog roll, it's the whole page for some reason. I really hope you don't mind me telling you this! I'm sorry if you're bothered!!

No, I really appreciate it sweetest! I’d rather you tell me then be super excited about a page that can’t even function~

I will have to make a new page with a new theme? OnO Thank you!

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the links are still overlapping the main text :(

Whyyyy is it doing this?! I don’t know how to fix it bby… I’ll probably have to start from scratch and make an updated page tomorrow…

It should look like this:

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